UtrechtI have been home behind my laptop a lot this week. So I haven’t done the diary post on those boring days. On Thursday I had a few appointments though. It was a stormy day, code orange, it was recommended to stay in. I went out anyway and I am glad. It was such a productive day. We only cancelled a dinner date with the Squadgals because of the weather, so we will rescheduling this soon!

x Lily

— Smashbox lid primer —

Testing this lid primer that Smashbox sent to me. Can’t wait to use it when I go to a party.

lid primer: Smashbox / eye shadow palette: Smashbox

Smashbox lid primer

Smashbox lid primer

— Clinique —

This must be the best make up remover ever! You really wipe away everything. I can recommend it to anyone! #fan!

Cleansing balm: Clinique / make up remover for lids, lash and lips: Clinique

Clinique make up remover

Clinique make up remover

selfie hashtag by lily

— Train selfie —

With the train to Utrecht on a stormy day.

— My old studio —

On my way to my meeting I walked the same path to my old studio. So much has changed since I left Utrecht (4 years ago). It’s not only Utrecht that has changed, but also my life, it was all just before the blog.

selfie hashtag by lily

— lunch meeting —

Productive meeting over a delicious lunch with the lovely We Fashion team. Can’t wait to share our plans with you! I am beyond excited!

restaurant: Teds
address: Lichte Gaard 8, 3511 KT Utrecht
website: www.teds-place.nl

Teds Utrecht

We fashion pr team

— #Iamsterdam —

Even in the storm Amsterdam looks so beautiful


— My Meau —

Finally meeting my bae Monique. Missed her so much in the weeks we haven’t seen each other <3
We went to this cool place in Amsterdam east to catch up. If I lived close to this place, I would be here every day with my laptop. Such a great place to work!

Restaurant: Zoku
address: Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam
website: www.livezoku.com


Zoku Amsterdam

— Sushi date —

I had dinner plans with the Squadgals, but it was cancelled because of the storm. The change of plans brought me to this sushi date with my boy. My favorite all you can eat sushi in Amsterdam area.

restaurant: Judo
address: Pr. Beatrixlaan 5, 1111 EX Diemen
website: www.restaurant-judo.nl

Sushi Judo Diemen