Rob Peetoom Beauty market

I got invited by Rob Peetoom to visit their beauty market this week to experience different treatments they offer. How can I turn down a day of indulgence like this right?! I have been a loyal Rob Peetoom customer for years now. Knowing that they work with the best of the best, I can always surrender myself to the experts and really enjoy the treatments there. I even made a video of the afternoon this time!! Continue reading

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi-Inari Kyoto
Another epic location for today’s article. Kyoto’s number one attraction according to many travel books and websites (I can understand why): Fushimi Inari. A hike on mountain Inari with seemingly endless arcades of vermilion torri gates dedicated to the gods of rice and sake. One of those impressive climbs you will always cherish in your memories. Continue reading


Asos deep plum skirtThe best part of blogging is that you can run this business anywhere in the world. So of course I was delighted to incorporate this vacation in the blog. Especially because I could bring the Asos collaboration with me, knowing that I will look at my best with beautiful unique backdrops (–> the first & second Asos looks). That would make every blogger happy right?! ;) Continue reading


#LilygoesJapanI have still tons of photos to share with you from our getaway to Japan. So, we stayed a few days in Tokyo as you have seen in the last Japan diary (click here) and we went for a quick trip of 3 days to Hiroshima and Kyoto and then came back to Tokyo for Fashion Week. To stay in the Tokyo vibe, I am skipping the Hiroshima article for now, saving it for another time. Continue reading