Combining the essentials by Hashtag by Lily

Hellow friends! Tonight I am going to JT!!! I am SUPER excited, because this man is brilliant in so many ways! It will be one big partaay, singing along with all the JT classics and his brand new album 20/20! I hope I have the energy to work tomorrow after tonight ;) Tomorrow night, I am going to attend a bday bash of my bestie (hopefully the weather will stay put for the BBQ (fingers crossed)). Sunday (easter) will be a family day, brunch here, diner there. I hope I will have some time in between to shoot an outfit. Sooo.. these are my plans for the coming days! Not really blog related at all :) It will be about quality time with family and friends!

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Press day aw 2014 with Hashtag by Lily

Every first time of something is exciting and a memorable moment. In my 7 months of blogging, I am delighted to have experienced a few ‘first times’ that definitely has enriched my blogger existence. The first time that I got invited to a bloggers event, the first time I had a shooting date with a blogger, the first time I attended a fashion show, the first time I was recognised by a follower, the first time I host a bloggers event (oke this one is still yet to come, but I am already busy with the organisation of it ;)). Yes, I have shared all those moments here with you, so here I have another first time for you today. That is: the first time I visit a ‘press day’!! Continue reading


When we booked our vacay, we just wanted a relaxing few days off to somewhere with a lot of sun and a nice beach. And indeed it was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, but Mexico was so much more than just that. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity that Mexico (Playa del Carmen) has to offer. From mysterious Maya ruins, astonishing natural cenotes to super friendly Mexicans and everything in between. Yes, after spending 9 days there, I can come to the conclusion that Mexico made it into my top 5 favorite destinations so far!

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final day in paradise
It is such a bitter and sweet day, when you realize that it is already your last day in paradise. Bitter obviously because you just don’t want to leave a dream that you are living to go back to reality. And sweet because you are grateful with an opportunity like this and try to enjoy the beautifulness one last time. Soak in that vitamin D as much as possible and trying to take everything in before it is too late. Continue reading


the must seen and been

Hola amigos! I am having the worst jet lag ever. In the last few nights I was still fully awake at 4 am! I am in my zombie mode for days now. Nevertheless, it was all worth it :) Looking at these pictures brings me back to that happy place for a sec.
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Relaxin' in Mexico by Hashtagbylily
After a few days of seeking adventures, we were pretty tired and still not over our jet lag yet. We didn’t want to end up being so exhausted that we needed a vacation from a vacation. So we decided to add a relaxin’ ‘doing nothing’ day, which contained some chilling at the pool with delicious cocktails, strolling around 5th avenida to do some souvenir shopping and had a lovely dinner together including a romantic sunset walk on the beach. Yes, another perfect day if you ask me :) Continue reading


Wanderlust by Hashtag by LilyHi guys! I am writing a post in the air again. Gosh.. I was already missing Mexico a few days ago, while I was still there! Funny how I never miss home when I am away with my boyfriend, wherever we are. We always have that wanderlust, of exploring the world and make that place our little home for that moment in time. I easily get attached to places where we have been and Mexico was no different! Continue reading


Caribbean paradise akumal mexicoHmm.. Time is passing by soooo incredibly fast! I can’t believe we are almost leaving already. It’s like I am living in a dream and don’t want to wake up. I really try to be in the moment, pinching myself a lot, enjoying that moment to the fullest. Luckily there are a lot of pics for me to reminisce about this wonderful time in Caribbean paradise. I am going to tell you about my favorite day so far with a big tip! Continue reading