Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei turchi sicily

Scala dei Turchi (“Stairs of the Turks”) is the most beautiful cliff I have ever witnessed in my life! The unusual white color cliff in the form of a staircase is to me a true miracle of nature. It was on top of my Sicily bucket list and it was worth the trip of a thousand miles. Even here we were the only ones admiring this wonder at some point, due to off-season. Being there is so serene, hearing the waves breaking on this cliff on such a breath taking sight.

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Dreamy Realmonte

Buongiorno! A new article from Sicily! We started our road trip from Realmonte in the Agrigento province. Apparently January and February are the two months that it is quite chilly in Sicily with a lot of rain. Last time I checked the weather forecast I was a bit disappointed, because it would indeed rain all weekend except on our first day. So when the sun came out that morning, I knew I had to get the most out of this sunny day! My iPhone app says 13 degrees, but it really felt like 25 degrees in the sun!

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Postcard from Sicily

Ciao bellas! Excuse me for the lack of posts. I am currently ‘roadtripping’ through this mesmerizing island called Sicily! I can’t wait to report back to you about our adventures here. Meanwhile you can follow previews on my social channels: Instagram (lily_hashtagby) , Facebook  and Twitter. I update it quite often with my 100mb bundle and plenty of time on the road :) Either way, see you soon!! X Lily Continue reading


Boohoo dress, 3 looks 1 dress

1 dress, 3 different looks! It’s like buying three dresses for the price of one! In today’s article I show you how I styled this Boohoo dress from day to night. I was trying to be creative the other day, when it was raining cats and dogs outside and I had this exciting meeting at Art’Otel. To give you an estimation on how easy the day to night transformation is, these photos were shot in literally 5 minutes including changing time! ;) Continue reading


Away from Keyboard

Hi guys, in today’s AFK I want to show you some images from the holidays. I spent a lot of time with my family and my boyfriends family during the official Xmas days. Next to this, it is tradition to celebrate Xmas on an other day with my chosen family, my dear friends. We made some creative gifts for each other this year, it will be hard to top that in 2015.

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I know, I am the worst for still posting updates from Japan while I am back for 2 months already! I still have 3 diaries to post from places I have been there, I mean, it’s a shame not to post them really, so I will try to hurry okay ;)

Because of the typhoon that was coming to Tokyo, we left town for the weekend to visit Hiroshima. Since it was just for the weekend, we mostly spent time doing the mandatory tourist activities when you were in Hiroshima. Enjoy this little diary of my 3 days in Hiroshima! Continue reading