My Cinderella story

I am back from Asia guys! Get ready for a range of articles from the East, such as diaries, outfits, fashion shows and reviews. I want to share it all!!
Not really in chronological order, as this outfit was quickly shot before I went to the first shows of Singapore Fashion Week, right after our trip to Bali. Continue reading



Postcard from Asia

Hi guys!! I just want to say a quick hi here on the blog, because I feel like I have abandoned you so much since I am in Asia. It’s already my last day here in paradise.

I have been enjoying every second here with friends and family, most delicious food, breath taking views and other fascinating experiences. Going to miss this big time, but I know I will return to beloved Asia as soon as I can ;)
I will be fully charged when I get back and I can’t wait to show you all the amazing content that I have in store for you! Continue reading


Nothing wrong with black

Excuses for the lack of updates guys. I just try to follow my motto: live life to the fullest. Asia has been treating me pretty good, sometimes almost to good to be true. Don’t worry, I have not forget about you, I have been collecting good content for the blog, so bear with me another week and then I will be back in the game with a lot of great stuff! Continue reading


From London

Just checking in real quick. Life in Bali was a real treat. I went to Nusa Lembongan, an island 30 min from Bali by boat, for one night (way too short). Then I got back to Bali again for a few days to spend some quality time with my best friends. Right now I am in Singapore to cover Fashion Week. Taking a little break, as you might have noticed. Will be checking in here whenever I can. In the meantime you can follow all my adventures on Snapchat (hashtagbylily)!! Continue reading


Away from keyboard

Time for a new update. I though I had much more photos for the AFK today, but a lot of them are from London, which I will show you in a separate diary next week. I have been using Snapchat much more to show my daily life lately and keep forgetting to make photos for the diary. Since there are less pics I can elaborate a bit more about every photo :) Continue reading