The simple things matters

Hola beautifuls! It has been a hectic period lately with ups and downs. Besides maintaining this blog, I have to work more often, try to be there for my friends as much as possible and planning the second #MeetTalkBlog for tomorrow (already!). All this is enough to keep me working late nights and I didn’t have the time to shoot some new looks. Continue reading



Crop top style - Hashtag by Lily

So how has your weekend treated you? Yesterday, I kept myself busy being the cleaning lady for once. It was much needed and it is the best feeling to live in a clean home. Tidy up everything and reorganizing my stuff gives me a lot of ideas to redecorate the house! Hmm.. next time.. Continue reading


Flower Maxi dress
With a lot of exciting projects going on, I am so busy trying to be on top of everything that I don’t know where to start right now. I mean, my to-do list seems endless. It’s a good thing that I love doing what I do:)
That said, you can still apply for the WordPress workshop for next Saturday in Utrecht, click here.
I have noticed that a lot of bloggers are working with Blogger. If you want to switch to WordPress, than this workshop might be interesting for you as well! Continue reading


Fashion Piece Translator 13

I know I know. It has been way too long. I kept postponing this Fashion Piece Translator because it took too much time to surf around the web to puzzle this article. Don’t get me wrong, I love this section to the heart! But if I am being realistic, it is hard to keep this up with my other blog duties around. As the blog schedule was a trial, I want to change it a bit. The Fashion Piece Translator will stay, but instead of a weekly fixed post on a Tuesday, I try to do this bi-weekly (still on the Tuesday ;)! Hope you are oke with that :) Enjoy these 6 neutral coloured translation today! Continue reading