Favorite combination? From exciting news to exciting news! Two days ago I told you that I have booked my ticket to Japan. Today I am going to tell you that I have booked another ticket this week, but this time to London Fashion Week! I am invited to a brunch from Reward Style. And I hope to be able to see some shows as well. This trip really came out of nowhere. I decided to go cray, out of my comfort zone to explore the possibilities. You should have seen me pressing the ‘Book the ticket’ button with my eyes closed haha.. Continue reading



It is finally confirmed: I am going to Japan this October!! I have heard so many amazing stories about this exotic place that I can’t wait to go on this adventure! Of course I will take you with me on this journey, right here on the blog!
When I think of Japan a numerous things pops up in my mind, such as delicious ‘strange’ food, City of lights (Tokyo), breathtaking nature, beautiful cultural heritage (i.e. temples), insanely friendly locals, fascinating street style etc etc. Continue reading


Dress Like a woman
As a little girl I always wanted to dress up like a princess. It is absolutely absurd to wear gowns and tiaras to school of course. The closest thing to that was wearing dresses. So I did. I was such a girly girl. This dress obsession faded a bit in the background over the years, but when occasions occur, I never doubt to wear a beautiful dress. Continue reading


First impressions
Who went to the Vogue Fashion Night Out yesterday? It was my first time attending this shopping night. It was so much fun watching all those fashionable people walking around, like a 24/7 catwalk (oke it was only 4 hours ;))! I met Olcay Gulsen from Supertrash very briefly for a picture. She looked so gorgeous in real life and she was super friendly! Continue reading


Timeless introduction

Oeh love to start a new week, a new month with bright sunshine and clear blue skies! It feels like starting with a clean slate! My weekend was filled with family time. My little teenage cousins stayed at my place and it was funny to see them play dress-up in my closet. Visited my grandmas with the most delicious traditional (Chinese) home cooked meals. And I closed the weekend at the cinema with my bf to watch Sin City! Fully charged for a new week! Continue reading