metropolitan mermaidKonnichiwa! This is my second look for the Asos collaboration and it happens to be my favorite Tokyo Fashion Week look. Now, I thought that this skirt might be too much (especially because I had to wear this look all day, also for the touristy activities in between shows), funny thing is that the opposite is true. I almost felt underdressed compare to the other bloggers from Tokyo. Still, I love love love this skirt to the moon and back and I think it is the most extravagant piece I own! Continue reading



a degree fahrenheit 2015 S/S

When I booked the ticket to Japan, I swear I had no idea that Tokyo Fashion Week would take place in that period. Okay we had to alter our travel schedule a bit, but how can I miss this opportunity to go to the Asian fashion Walhalla, right?! Continue reading


Tokyo fashion week

Time flies when you are having fun. Tokyo (Fashion week) is already over for me and I have enjoyed every second of it! I have attended 5 fashion shows in 3 days and between these shows we squished in some time to see a bit more of Tokyo. I am sad to leave Tokyo already, there is so much more that I would love to do, see and eat in this amazing capital of Japan. I am positive that we will be back to continue our adventure some day.

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Fashionable wanderlust

Super excited to post this article today, because of two reasons:

  1. These photos bring back happy memories of my wonderful time on Miyajima Island last week. The back drop of the historical floating Itsukushima shrine is simply magical that I was determined to include it in this shoot. If you ever have the chance to go there, GO!!!
  2. I am excited to announce my Asos collaboration for the coming months. Ever since I have discovered Asos, it has been my go to webshop to shop, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was (and still am) when I got this opportunity!!

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It is true that there is no place in the world like Japan! Every day I am so eager to discover a little bit more of what this bizarre astonishing country has to offer. People never seem to be polite & kind enough, places can’t be spectacular enough or traditions and habits can’t be odd enough. I did a lot of homework beforehand to be prepared. Nonetheless this trip has already exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I want to share this adventure with you here on the blog. I have been taking snapshots (mostly with my iphone) as much as I could to give you an idea of how I am experiencing this amazing journey through Japan. Continue reading


Photo diary Hashtag by LilyEven though I have fly anxiety, it never stopped me from travelling the world. Flying somewhere over Finland while I am writing this article. As you will see in this diary, there was zero time for me this week to prepare this post before my flight to Tokyo, as I had planned. Maybe it’s for the better, because I got to do a lot of fun stuff this week and now I can take the time in the air during my 10 hour flight to write you this article. I will make sure to capture this adventurous journey in Japan the best I can and share this with you here on Hashtag by Lily! So keep an eye on the blog for the first episode soon ;) Continue reading