Ask you burning blog questions

I stepped into this blogger world for over a year now and I am still figuring out how this world works. It’s a whole process and you learn so many different personal and business aspects along the way. As I get many questions from starting bloggers these days about tips and tricks, I am always reluctant to give them advice, because I don’t feel like the expert just yet. There is no good or wrong when it comes down to ‘blogging’. Everyone has their own work style and routine, which might not be efficient for everyone. Continue reading


Away from keyboard 19

Time flies when you are having fun. I attended a lot of fun events the past two weeks, like the Invito VIP night, #UPRdigitalseed event and #GettoknowAlmere by Tinc PR. I also spent two days at Westcord Fashion Hotel with Larissa, having some proper girls time. Visited new hotspots, creative flatlays, snaps and a whole lot more below!! Happy Sunday darlings!! Continue reading


I am not perfect

I am writing a late night post again so that I can schedule this for the early morning. I have been writing more often in the night lately, because I can’t find the time during the day to prep these articles. I am not sure if you notice, but I can totally tell when an article of mine has been typed at night or not. These articles are much more deeper, more sensitive and more ‘real’. Like the philosopher in me wakes up after 00:00 am. Continue reading


Wedding bells

Don’t be alarmed by the title, I am not getting married any time soon. Though I am going to attend a lot of weddings this year and I can’t wait to witness my beloved ones to tie their love on that special day. So the wedding season is about to start, which is always a hassle to find an appropriate outfit for us ladies right?! Continue reading


Here, now, this moment

These past couple of days was filled with fun activities that I tried to absorb to the max. Those days that start from the early morning until you are all satisfied and exhausted by night. Can you relate to the adrenaline rush on those days that you don’t even feel the need to eat, drink or go the toilet and everything goes by in a blurry second while you are floating on a pink cloud?

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Describe my style

These pictures were shot weeks ago, when it was freezing outside. Funny how the cold can stick in your head, even though you can’t feel the goose bumps anymore. I remember that I couldn’t wait to finish this shoot and have a rewarding bowl of soup after. I put on my poker face for 5 minutes, and screaming between clicks, is the result you see today.

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