September RecapWow, September went by with a blink of an eye! Probably because it was such an exciting busy month with a lot of fashion and events involved. You know that people say that you have to be patient when you are chasing your dreams. It is so true. Slowly but surely I can see progress in this blog with every month. Getting more requests for collaborations, seeing the numbers grow on Hashtag by Lily and the sweet comments every time just makes me so happy! I just want to say a proper ‘THANK YOU’ to you readers! Even though it sounds super cheesy, but I really couldn’t have done this without you. :) I really appreciate everything and for sure won’t take it for granted. Continue reading



Positioning the twist Counting the days to hit the plane again, traveling to the other side of the world. Only 5 days to go, which I already have over-planned with fun meetings.
Packing will be a challenge. Especially with all the looks I want to wear. I think Japan has some spectacular backdrops where I can shoot for the blog. Only time can tell.. Feeling like a little kid before Christmas, I am so excited that I can’t sleep at night!! Continue reading


Photo diary 8Between the organising of my next trip to Japan, cleaning up my house and preparing for my next shoots, I am posting this photo diary of the last 10 days after my trip from London. Can I call myself a jetsetter? Hihi.. I can get used to this though, because traveling is the most exciting thing to do! Anyhow, enjoy this little photo diary! Happy Sunday everyone! Continue reading


The corporate styleIf you asked me a year ago, what I would be doing with my life right now (before I started this blog), I probably would have said that I would pursue a career in the corporate life, working as a consultant at a big organization. Things have changed, to say the least.
I have done my experience in that field and you know what, even back then I loved experimenting and playing with fashion in that particular scene.

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the yellow trench coatYou cannot deny that you had to stare an extra second at this mustard yellow coat right? There is a funny story behind this coat yeah and it was actually part of my London adventure. My shopping adventure that is. I should have put a photo of this coat in the diary as well (check out my London diary, here)

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Minimal classic

With London Fashion Week behind, I am now focusing on my next big trip to Japan! I can’t believe I am leaving next week already! There is still so much to arrange! From train tickets, flights to hotels. If you have any great tips for Japan don’t hesitate to share. I will be forever grateful! :)

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London fashion week diary

Welcome to the biggest diary of Hashtag by Lily (so far)! As you may know, I impulsively booked a ticket to London to experience London Fashion Week from up close. Today the full report of my adventure accompanied with a lot of snapshots. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show (post)..

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