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Hi guys, I am back! Well.. Kinda.. I will adapt my post schedule a bit to be more flexible the coming weeks.
Moreover, I want to thank everyone for your support and messages through these difficult times. A lot of people are affected by this horrible incident. It’s still hard to comprehend. We are all in mourning, but they say time will heal.. Life goes on and people we lose in our lives will always remain in our beautiful memories. Continue reading



white rose

I am speechless, I am sad, I actually don’t know how I feel right now. Yesterday I lost someone close to me in that plain crash in Ukraine. It’s so unreal to lose someone in such a tragedy. My colleague, my “aunt”, my support, you were so many things to me.. I still can’t believe this has actually happened :(

My heart goes out to you Hanny, family and friends. Ninik was an angel on earth. I will never forget you. I can still hear you saying those wise words to me, supporting me in every single thing that I do. I will miss you dearly.. Rest in peace sweetest Ninik..

(I won’t be posting anything in the coming days. Hope you will understand.)


MBFWA SS15 report

Hi darlings! Yesterday you saw a post of my look to Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Amsterdam. Ready for some catwalk report?
It was the second time for me to attend the MBFWA and I can’t get enough of it! The concentration of fashion outside the shows is catwalk worthy already!

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Amsterdam Fashion Week Look
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Before I share the Fashion show reports of Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Amsterdam S/S ’15, I show you my look from that particular Saturday evening.
It was such a hectic day. During the day I was working in Eindhoven. I had to race back home to Amsterdam to get ready for the shows in only 30 min! At that point, I seriously didn’t even know what to wear yet. Lunacy! Continue reading


Denim on Denim OOTD

Amsterdam Fashion week madness is over after today. I went to four awesome shows this weekend. I have taken some stunning photos from the catwalk shows. If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen a few photos. Expect an extended report this Thursday where I will show you the ins and outs. Continue reading


Hashtag by Lily Bloopers edition
Personal Sunday! It doesn’t get any more personal than today’s bloopers edition I think hihi. On every blog you see the perfect set of photos together in a post. You probably know that those are only just a few from possibly a hundred takes.
These blooper outtakes can be pretty funny but also very ugly sometimes haha. I hope I can put a smile on your face when you see this :) Continue reading


And the winner is..

Today I am Santa Claus to one of you lucky readers :) I will announce the Jewellery by Sophie give-away winner at the end of this post ;) Just so you know, I googled a random generator to pick the lucky winner, because there is no other fair way to do this.

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Wedding coordinator
The surprise of ‘surprise Thursday’ is another OOTD post! I have been shooting a lot of outfits lately, so I don’t want to waste it. As you may know, I am going to attend 2 weddings in the coming 2 weeks. I have an important role in one of them as the coordinator next week. I am super excited and nervous for the two lovebirds! I know for one thing that it is going to be an epic wedding! Counting the days to that day.. Continue reading